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Don't Open Till Christmas
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Nine, Ten, Never Sleep Again! You won't sleep again after picking up

our limited edition Nightmare on Elm Street Limited Edition VHS Packs!

Featuring the art of Patrick Carson Sparrow this fiery mouth Freddy

will give you nightmares filled with nostalgic goodies!


Downright Creepy and Rotten Rentals have teamed up with Expiring Sun

to bring you a limited edition poster and VHS Packs!
Shipping in Mid Dec.


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They are nostalgia tucked away in a throwback VHS case that contains 2 - 5 packs of vintage trading cards spanning from 1975 - 2010. Each VHS case also includes a minature zombie figure chompping at the bit to break out of its black plastic grave. But thats not all - you’ll also get randomly inserted movie promo items. Think of them as horror grabs - you never know what unique item might be waiting for you as you crack the case open. With each purchase of Rotten Rentals at an event you’ll have a chance to pull redemption cards for larger prizes such as autographs, movie collectibles and toys. Whatever is shown on the card you win!
Redemption Cards Odds 1:12*

*does not contain any VHS tapes


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